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FreshPoint provides a full range of services around global food trade, including all export and import related administration, as well as consulting services for both productive and trading companies.

Services: Services
Truck and Warehouse


FreshPoint specializes in exports of Greek (but not only) fruits and vegetables to international markets all over the globe.

We additionally provide intermediation and facilitation services between your company and your suppliers, in order to make your trading experience with Greece easy and efficient.

We also collaborate with producers of the finest Greek olive oil, and we can trace for you any other special Greek food products you may require.


FreshPoint trades in imported produce from all over the world for the Greek market and the Balkans. If you are looking for new markets for your product, we will be happy to discuss with you.

Cargo Containers


FreshPoint provides a full range of consulting services for businesses in the agri-food sector.

Whether you are looking to plan and finance a new investment, upgrade your production lines or restructuring your business, or simply are interested in promoting your products in international markets, we work with you to design a specialized consulting scheme to accommodate your specific individual needs.

We also provide investment research and information services to those interested in opportunities in the Greek agri-food sector.

At FreshPoint  we focus on providing high quality custom-made services to every one of our customers. Contact us and lets find out how we can work together towards a valuable partnership.

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