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About Us

As a group of professionals with experience in key positions in the Fruits and Vegetables industry, we have witnessed first-hand the possibility for growth and development in our sector in Greece.

We are also, firm believers of the inherent quality of Greek agricultural produce and its great commercial potential.


And so we created FreshPoint.

About Us: Our Story

Through new technologies and innovation, modern practices and swift communication, we seek to unlock the full potential of Greek agricultural products.

About Us: Quote

We operate based on sound financial, business and marketing strategies, applied in the field and filtered through our collective experience and diversified areas of expertise. 


In FreshPoint we value sustainability: we always seek better practices for efficient resource management and work closely with our partners to achieve better sustainable outcomes along the supply chain. We constantly search for new technologies to minimize waste and reduce carbon footprint, new sustainable farming methods, smart packaging to satisfy the demands of sustainability-conscious consumers.

We also value social sustainability. We prioritize human wellbeing and seek to implement community-focused business practices that promote local sustainable development in the regions we operate. We believe in sharing, and have developed strong affiliations with agricultural cooperatives across Greece.

In FreshPoint we are mindful of our role: bring the products from farmer to consumer, and a positive impact for all involved in the process.


About Us: Team Members
Manos Papadopoulos.jpg

Manos Papadopoulos

Head of Imports & Promotion

Europe | Central & South America | Middle East

Manos is an experienced import and export mediator for fruits and vegetables. He specializes in promoting Greek produce to markets in central and eastern Europe, USA, and Canada, as well as in imports of exotics from Central and South America, and South Africa.

He has longstanding partnerships with big Greek and international producers and traders.

He has collaborated with important enterprises and organisations in organizing their participation in international expos and promotional events, in the organization of business and trade missions, as well as in the organization and execution of food aid programmes.

He speaks Greek, English, French and Spanish.

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